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Touba: Distribution de couscous sous l’ordre du khalif


Dans cet après-midi, le Dahira Hizbou Tarqya, un regroupement Mouride qui pèse lourd dans la communauté, a procédé à la distribution des « CERE » aux habitants de la ville sainte de Touba, en présence des autres hommes de bonne volonté de la Tariqya. Des dizaines de tonnes de couscous avec leur « niekh » ont été distribués aux disciples de Khadim Rassoul. D’après nos sources, le khalif général […]

Khalif General of Mouride statement for a start winter activities 2015

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Le Khalife General of Mouride recommends all Senegalese Mouride particularly for a return to the villages of our ancestors in order to rework the land and urge all Muslims for the imminent start of field work from Tuesday 24 March 2015. The recommendation was made public by his commander […]

MBACKE KADIOR : Journey to the heart of the cradle of Mouridism


Founded in 1883 Mame Mor Anta Sally, Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba father, Mbacké Kadior was born the way of Mouridism. Historic village, this religious city is now a rapidly expanding town with its early modernization. His Magal celebrating the birth of Serigne Mouhamadou Lamine Bara Ibn Rassoul Khadimou, and […]

Necrology: Darou Khoudoss family loses a tireless lieutenant


The whole family has Daaroul Khoudous deep sorrow to announce the death of Dieuwrigne sheikhs, Serigne Moustapha GAYE, occurred today Friday 20 March 2015. This person who has just left us spent his whole life to strictly follow the recommendations of God by taking as the sole workhorse […]


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As usual with the approach of each Magal Mbacké Cadior, commemorating the birth of Serigne Mouhamadou Lamine Bara Mbacke Ibn Khadim Rassoul, which is expected this year 20 March 2015, and always made their illustrious predecessors, the little son of Bara serigne under the authority of their eldest Serigne Moustapha Mbacke and […]

Magal Mbacké Kadior 2015: concerns Magal organizers were spent TO CRD


The Regional Development Committee (CRD) of Magal Mbacké Kadior held Tuesday 17 February 2015 Louga. The meeting of the Regional Development Committee (CRD) Magal and the organizing committee is the final act of preparation of this religious event. She met today all actors at the base […]

Magal Mbacké Kadior in next March,Preparations are well underway


Chaired by the Prefect of Kébémer,Gorgui Mbaye was held on Wednesday, the departmental development committee devoted to preparations for the Magal Mbacké Kadior,a very important event in the Mouride community. It brought together all stakeholders in the base for a good preparation of Magal Mbacké Kadior the upcoming edition […]

VISITS Nouakchott : The Delegation of Touba received by the Prime Minister of Mauritania


In Mauritania for a ten-day visit, strong delegation of dignitaries mourides, yesterday at the Prime Minister. In the absence of spokesman Mouride caliph, Serigne Bass Abdou Khadre, Serigne Makhtar the messengers Sidy M & rsquo; Backé, were headed, Serigne Mouhamadane M & rsquo; Backé Abdou Lahad. After the usual greetings, Cheikh Abdou Lahad who was carrying a message […]

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