Experience the great rendezvous of Magal Touba

MAGAL 2014

The seven dimensions of Magal Touba

Par Moubarack LO

The great Magal Touba marks the start, in 1895, the founder of the Mouride brotherhood, Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba Mbacké, in exile in Gabon, where he remained for seven years. The magnitude of Magal remains tangible evidence that illustrates the grace God has given to Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba Mbacke. Today, it appears, formally, […]



The Magal Touba is scheduled for Thursday 11 December 2014. The announcement was made by the Khalif General of Mouride Cheikh Sidy Mokhtar Mbacké. A J-8, Touba is bustling for Sheikh Amadou Bamba day expresses his gratitude to God with all disciples and the Islamic Umma. The event, […]

" 2000 families will be supported to celebrate the Magal " (DGPSN)


On the occasion of the publication of Touba Magal celebration 2014, the General Delegation for Social Welfare and National Solidarity (DGPSN), on the instruction of President of the Republic will support the organizing committee for food has learned in a statement to our editorial. For this purpose, Dr. Anta Sarr […]

Grand Magal of Touba 2014 : Action hygiene services


We always stay in preparations for the Grand Magal of Touba. For this purpose, Hygiene occupies a prominent place. The agents of the supervisory it attèlent health service to provide adequate living environment for the guests who will celebrate this great religious event.

Grand Magal of Touba 2014 : General cleaning days


Monday 24 November 2014, first Safar 1436 was marked by a massive outflow of population TOUBA who carried out a general cleaning in religious quotes, in preparation for the reception of guests at the Grand Magal of Touba. These cleanup should last three days following the recommendations of General Khalife […]

Call Grand Magal of Touba 2014


Le Khalife General of Mouride Cheikh Sidy Mukhtar MBACKE addressed to all classmates to remind them of the importance of a recommendation of Serigne Touba, that is, Grand Magal of Touba, 18 Safar AH, commemorating the exile of Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba, which will coincide this year to Thursday 11 November 2014. The […]

Safar 1436 begins Monday 24 November 2014

Touba Senegal 2009

In the name of GOD, the Merciful, the Merciful Brothers of the Ummah, Classmates Brothers, The crescent moon marking the beginning of the month of Safar 1436 H. just preview this Sunday 23 November 2014. Monday 24 November 2014 will be the first Safar. Therefore, the 18 th day of the month of Safar, commemorating […]

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